Mardi gras a la Suède

While other countries indulge in huge, festive carnevals today, here in Sweden we celebrate Mardi gras in our own ”lagom” way. No captivating music, no pearl necklesses, no beautiful costumes, just delicious wheat buns filled with smoth almond paste, whipped cream and topped with icing sugar.


The traditional wheat bun, called semla, has been around for centuries and some prefer to eat it dipped in hot milk as they did ages ago when the bread maybe wasn’t as fresh as it is today.

The semla is so popular that one of our childhood heroes, the private detective Ture Sventon (written by Åke Holmberg), has to eat semlas to save the mysteries and catch his nemesis Ville Vessla.

Yesterday, the day before Mardi gras a new tv-series with the popular detective was anounced. Once again one of Swedens favourite actors will take on the part of Ture Sventon. Fingers crossed all goes well.