Possibly the best book of last year

If you are only going to read a single book this winter, you should read Conviction by Denise Mina. It’s probably one of the best books I’ve read. Ever. Easily among the top 10.

Unlike many of my friends, Mina is not one of my favorite authors, but this book… OMG, it’s so good. Different. New. Surprising. Engaging. And completely unputdownable.

If you’ve got any sense about you, you rush to the bookstore immediately (do it, they need your support in these times), click it home online (if the bookstore is too far away), go to the library and borrow it or nick it from the neighbor if you have to – do what ever it takes to get your hands on this book and start reading!

On the first pages Anna drinks her morning coffee, listens to a True crime podcast and tries to wake up. A few pages later, she has broken the kitchen in anger over the fact that her husband is leaving her for her best friend and taking the children with him.

Big drama? Absolutely, but that’s not the point. No, no. Soon Anna takes us for a fast-paced road trip with an anorexic former boy band star while murderous villains chase them through Europe. At the same time, they unravel what really happened when the yacht Dana sank and drowned a man and his two children. Was it suicide or murder? That’s the question.

Does that sound excessive and unbelievable? Maybe when you put it like that, but I promise, it does not feel like it while reading. The plot and the narrative has such a drive to it. The characters are so complex that from one side to the other you are not sure what will happen, who is the villain and who is the hero. So cleverly written.